Charter Phase Out Survey

Much like the Pre Purchase survey, We specialize in Phase-Out Surveys and have been working with the top end charter companies, such as, The Mooring, Sunsail, TMM, Horizon etc for over 40 years, they are comprehensive inspections, which include multiple visits to the vessel for in and out of water, as well as rigging and mechanical inspections, following which, liaison with the charter operator regarding recommended maintenance and repairs is undertaken.  Your surveyor will also focus on the cosmetic condition of the vessel and highlight areas that have “above average Wear and Tear”. This specific attention to detail has been one of the highlights for the boat owners comfort in receiving their boat following the time within a charter fleet.  Lists of recommendations will be provided to the charter operator and the client as soon as possible after inspections are completed to allow repair work to be schedule and completed in a timely manner. We maintain a good working relationship with all Charter Companies which has been forged over the years with great success for the boat owner during this transition period. The detailed survey report will follow within one week of completion of all inspections.

For Phase-Out Surveys we also offer Compliance inspections and reports.  Your surveyor will return to the vessel once the charter company indicates all “agreed” repair work is completed.  Where required we will report on the status of repairs and if they have been made to acceptable standards.

The Phase-Out survey that we offer is designed and executed to give peace of mind for the boat owner, as we work specifically on your behalf and will make the passage of the vessel from the charter company into your hands as smooth and efficient as possible.

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Production Fiberglass Monohulls up to 55 feet in length.  $25/ft with a minimum fee of $1,000

Production Fiberglass Multihulls up to 55 feet in length.  $28/ft with a minimum fee of $1,120

Vessel over 55 feet in length will be quoted on individually.

Compliance inspections will be invoiced at 30% of the survey invoice.